Crafting beautiful pieces of furniture using nature’s finest raw material is my passion. So when I started my wood shop, I didn’t set out to be just another furniture maker, I wanted to do things differently. The core idea behind Storrow Designs is to blur the line between custom hand crafted furniture and the imported junk filling furniture galleries across the country.

The main question I asked when analyzing the current retail furniture landscape was “Why?”. Why does an imported, warped, screwed together piece of junk cost three hundred dollars? If I go up the street and pay six hundred dollars, why is it still held together with screws? Why do I have to pay well into the thousands per piece for furniture that is actually glued together, straight and square? Why do I have to wait three to four months while someone hand crafts my furniture?

My goal is to redefine what can be accomplished when we don’t live within the walls of production limitations. I refuse to design furniture with limits on where I can and can’t have curves. I don’t limit my joinery choices to ones that are fast and easy to make. I refuse to place limits on how thick elements of a piece can be to enhance cost effectiveness while sacrificing strength or aesthetics, or worse yet both.

But my aversion to tradition doesn’t just stop at the design phase, I carry it all the way through to production. Why? Because anyone can create a drawing of their ideal end table, shelf, etc.. And any craftsman could bring that drawing to life, adhering to even the smallest of details, given enough time and materials. However, in today’s modern production facilities, with all the latest and greatest equipment, you will be hard pressed to find anything close to the ideal piece of furniture. And that’s just unacceptable to me.