Genesis Collection


Meet the Genesis Collection. The Genesis Collection is my first series of pieces not adhering to any guidelines. Not traditional, not mission style, not shaker style, just my style. When the idea hit me to do a collection of my own, the first thought is obviously “Where do I start?”. So, where did I start? I only had to look at my first ever shape created for Storrow Designs, my logo. The shape of my logo is made by two simple forms. One curved, graceful, irresolute shape being intersected by a straight, rigid, rule abiding triangle. That contrast was the inspiration and catalyst for the Genesis Collection.


The overall design for the Genesis Collection is based on contrast. The frame is curved, graceful, organic. The top is straight, square, unwavering. But when placed together, there is a beautiful harmony between the two. The overall appearance is non-linear, no rules. Yet all the surfaces that need to be flat, straight, and square are just that, bringing confidence and stability to the entire piece.

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