Pillow Top End Table Development

Here’s the first look at my new table design, the Pillow Top End Table. I wanted to create something that can be placed with my Floating Top Coffee Table. The goal is to design a piece that is both cohesive and unique when paired with my other products. The legs are a direct adaptation from the coffee table, but I decided to go with symmetrical aprons for this piece.

For the top, the details didn’t come out very well in the sketch so I’ll try and clarify what I’m going for. There will be no gap between the aprons and the top. However, the top will be proud of the frame, almost like an upholstered chair cushion. The effect should be reminiscent of a pillow resting on the frame, hence the name for the piece.

For the wood selection, I’m probably going to have two models. Both will have a Walnut frame. One version will feature a figured Maple top, and the other will have a Walnut top.

I welcome any feedback you may have about the design so far, and I hope to have a prototype built in the next month. I’ll be sure to send out updates along the way.

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