NEW! Floating Top Coffee Table

This is my newest design making its way into production, the Floating Top Coffee Table. I couldn’t possibly be more excited to show this design off, as it’s taken nine months to go from rough sketch to finished piece.

The philosophy behind this piece was simple, to create a physical representation of my design ideology. I love striking contrast, thats why it’s everywhere in this piece. From the dark, curved, low luster Walnut frame to the light, straight, high gloss Maple top. Even the grain that I chose for the frame was relatively mild, while the grain on the top just jumps out at you and begs for attention.¬†All of my pieces to date have been heavily influenced by another style. My Traditional Series, for example, is definitely my own design, but go to any furniture store and you’re sure to see something in the same style. This table, however, wasn’t directly influenced by any piece I’ve seen in the past.